We will be happy to accommodate you in one of our 14 bungalows for four people. If you however prefer your own accommodation, we offer a camping spot for tents and caravans.


Our bungalows with four beds and a terrace offer a comfortable stay in the middle of picturesque nature. The bungalows are endowed with storage space, a small kitchen with an electric kettle and a workdesk. The bungalows are clean and light, suitable not only for stays over the weekend, but longer vacation as well. We can offer a discount and guarantee access to a refridgerator for clients staying for a longer time .


The campsite for tents will please many nature lovers. A spacious field above the lake will not only provide comfort but also a place to peacefully relax. More demanding clients can enjoy an exclusive space right next to the Ejpovice lake with a view of the unique Ejpovice cliffs. This part of the camp provides even more privacy and direct access to water. Of course the whole surface of the camping area is flat, clean and soft.


Visitors with their own caravans can enjoy our parking places near the water sports. The parking field is very accessible and thus enables visits even with the biggest caravans.

Price list

Person 75 CZK
Children under 7 yrs Free
Children under 12 yrs 45 CZK
Car 75 CZK
Tent 25 CZK
Caravan 80 CZK
Motorcycle 60 CZK
Bicycle Free
Dog 30 CZK
Microbus 130 CZK
Bus 250 CZK
Motorhome 130 CZK
Bungalow for 4 people 700 CZK (without fridge)
770 CZK (with fridge)
Bungalow for 3 people 550 CZK (without fridge)
620 CZK (with fridge)
Bungalow for 2 people 400 CZK (without fridge)
470 CZK (with fridge)
Electricity plug 80 CZK
Refridgerator 70 CZK

* All fees included in the list are per one night including tax and local fee

Long-term rental
1600 CZK/month
Grill rental free with 500 CZK deposit
Belly boat rental 150 CZK / 4hrs 250 CZK / day